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The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a private luxury-modern eco-estate rental property and Yoga Retreat Center hidden in the jungles of Costa Rica. Designed and built by those and for those with the desire and intention to commune with nature, practice yoga, contemplate and meditate, and become more balanced through a pure and natural health and wellness retreat eco-vacation experience. Our 100% off-the-grid solar powered private residence is now available for rent specifically to exclusive and intimate wilderness adventure retreats and gatherings of up to 14 individuals. Or if you are a world traveler with a sense of adventure, love of nature, and an interest in deepening your personal yoga practice, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers offers weeklong retreat vacations scheduled throughout the year for individuals and their friends. Please visit our Calendar to register for the retreat that is perfect for you.

This wildlife and retreat sanctuary is perched slightly above the Pacific Ocean in Cabuya at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, which is one of only five Blue Zones in the entire world by having a large concentration of centenarians living in the area. It is only two miles from Costa Rica’s first National Nature Preserve, Reserva Cabo Blanco.

The Sanctuary at Two Rivers gets her name from the Center’s land beginning at the junction of two rivers. In ancient India this was called a Sangama. This point is revered as an auspicious place to build temples and ashrams because of the positive energy that literally flows over, around, and through this matrix of topography. Furthermore, set amongst hundreds of uninhabited tropical-dry forest acres, our privately secluded property of forty acres encloses manicured tropical gardens and jurassic jungle, making it ideal for both inner and outer exploration. That’s nearly three acres of Earth per guest to enjoy, enliven and enlighten.To read about some guest experiences, click here. 

Our guests will be introduced to the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature from the moment of their arrival as they walk from the car-park for 15 minutes over gentle jungle and river paths to reach the grounds of The Sanctuary. Located a mere thousand yards from the Pacific Ocean and nestled between two rivers with waterfalls that flow year round, our private park is home to countless species of flora and fauna; including exotic mammals, birds, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians that are common to Central America. The Sanctuary’s fortunate geography allows for a mild, nearly mosquito-free climate with cool refreshing breezes cascading throughout the rolling grounds, making one’s stay remarkably comfortable even when beach temperatures are soaring.

The Sanctuary’s convenient locale allows our guests to enjoy a number of adventure activities all within just a 15 minute drive. Explore Cabo Blanco National Park, ride horses on the beach, tour the forest canopy on zip-lines, hike to secluded waterfalls, snorkel or surf, swim or beach comb, sunbathe, sea-kayak, or shop for local artisans' arts and crafts.

If you are looking for a tropical paradise to host a private retreat or family gathering incorporating a true eco-conscious lifestyle, living 100% off-the-grid, sleeping in a modern tree-house, eating organic gourmet vegetarian cuisine, drinking water right from the source, rising with the sun and the howls of Howler Monkeys, not hearing any urban nor suburban noises, all the while infusing yoga, meditation, wellness & spiritual healing, with wildlife & bird watching, you need look no further. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers will rejuvenate your body, tidy up your mind, and boost your spirit.

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