The Premiere EcoConscious Rental Property and Yoga Retreat & Teacher Training Center in Costa Rica

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The Junglescape in Costa Rica
Tropical - Gardens - Waterfalls - Wildlife - Bird Watching - Lovely Scents - Exotic Sounds

Environmental responsibility guides the spirit of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers Yoga Retreat & Teacher Training Center in Costa Rica. A facility completely off-the-grid with 100% of its energy from a hi-tech solar system and solar hot water heaters. We designed all of our structures around a junglescape as opposed to the usual practice of landscaping afterwards around the structures. Teak wood was used for all of our structural wood which was eco-harvested on a teak farm. 

All of the structures are elevated above the ground so no Earth had to be bulldozed, leaving the natural contours of the earthen landscape the way Mother Nature has been sculpting this particular piece for the past 3 million years and is perhaps the youngest land mass on this planet. This also allows for better natural air flow under and around the structures and gardens as well as puts you at eye level with the jungle canopy and passing monkeys. All structures were placed on specific compass axes to maximize cross-breezes and sun exposure. We also used ancient Indian vastu harmonizing construction theories during the design process.

For every tree that unfortunately and painstakingly had to be removed on The Sanctuary’s grounds we planted at least four new trees. They were all acknowledged and thanked before they were cut down. In addition, these felled trees’ wood was used in the construction process. Their branches were used in fire ceremonies throughout the seven year development process. We planted over 300 fruit trees of various varieties throughout our 40 acres. We have also created wonderfully vibrant ecosystems with specific fruit and flower bearing flora for the natural wildlife and many butterflies to thrive better in and around The Sanctuary at Two Rivers.



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