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Svoboda - Rea - Schiffmann


The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is verily a place of refuge, a haven of rest, a secure port in a stormy world, an oasis of fecundity. I have been fortunate to have visited the property on numerous occasions during the past seven years of her gestation, watching the process of her conception, development, and birth, and have personally witnessed the dedication that Perrey and Jeff have shown in their determination to develop The Sanctuary into a retreat that is worthy of the name. They, as sincere stewards of this Jewel of the Jungle, offer a warm welcome to any sincere seeker who wishes to enjoy The Sanctuary's unique charms; and I, as a repeatedly satisfied guest, can recommend this Pearl of the Nicoya Peninsula to anyone who has a heartfelt wish to experience the true bounty of the earth, to experience life as Nature intended us to live it.

Dr. Robert Svoboda
Ayurvedic Doctor, Author, Lecturer, Teacher on the subjects of ayurveda, jyotish, Tantra, and Eastern religion


Our yoga retreat became an amazing yoga adventure at the Sanctuary at Two Rivers! It was a week of relaxation and transformation for all of us in the group. The food was spectacular, nourishing and healing; the yoga space, the most beautiful I have ever seen. Having birds and monkeys as the musicians for our yoga classes was truly a gift. The jungle became our home, and all of us became a family. This practice we share is a powerful one and the energy at Sanctuary is life-changing! Thank you for your vision and for welcoming us to your jungle home.

Leslie Gordon, RYT-500
ThaiYoga Practitioner
Avon, CT


The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a peaceful haven for all yogis to connect with nature and attain mindfulness. Nestled in a beautiful lush jungle is an impressive, spacious, and modern designed Yoga Pagoda. As a yoga studio student, advisor, and yogi of 12 years, the Yoga Pagoda is the perfect place to help students deepen their practice. The eco-friendly and private. luxury-designed treehouses are a comfortable base to unwind from the day’s activities, such as waterfall hikes or surfing at a close gorgeous beach. One important aspect of my life as a restaurant owner is food. The Sanctuary has a gourmet chef on site who cooks 3 flavorful and delicious vegetarian (vegan available) meals a day, using all organic and locally grown vegetables. This is such a treat and complementary to the healthy mind and body that is attained while visiting. Return to your lives from the Sanctuary at Two Rivers feeling rejuvenated and ready to live your life in control and gratitude. Namaste.

Ashlee Gardner
Owner, The Cat and Fiddle Restaurant, Hollywood, CA


From the moment the female tiger heron exploded out of the jungle in front me on the river walk in, I knew I was on an extraordinary physical and spiritual journey for my 60th birthday trip. The Sanctuary is set between rivers and remote waterfalls and tree house like solar powered abodes fit perfectly into the jungle landscape. It is obvious that the design and architecture of the retreat is exceptionally well thought out and crafted with heart and hands. The creative vegetarian and vegan cuisine is delicious and nurturing. I would return as often as I could; The Sanctuary and staff will always be close to my heart.

Daniel Waggoner
Partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Seattle, WA


At The Sanctuary at Two Rivers time passes at a therapeutic pace and the circadian rhythm of life is rejuvenating. The staff was family by the second day and always made us feel right at home. Each meal was more delicious than the last and nourished not only our bodies but our souls. And after wonderful days filled with asanas river hikes and relaxing by the pool, our teak treehouse was the perfect place to be lulled to sleep by the jungles soundtrack. It truly is a jungle paradise and one we can't wait to get back to!

Britt & Mike Stanley
Chicago, IL


The Sanctuary At Two Rivers is a mystical, other-worldly place to sincerely merge with All That Is! A Retreat Center like no other. Expect your mind to open to long forgotten possibilities in a place specifically cultivated to hold space for spiritual and creative practices.

Elizabeth Rossa
Owner/Teacher Shri Yoga NYC


Hosting a retreat at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I left feeling inspired, refreshed and balanced. Being in the jungle we were completely unplugged, enjoying the sounds and smells around us, as well as the delicious vegetarian cuisine and great company. I am already planning my next visit.

Mary Beth LaRue
Yoga Teacher; Ambassador for Lululemon, Manduka, Yoga Earth


have known Jeff Gossett in many different capacities over the past number of years. As a friend he embodies a generous spirit, one who is open, honest, funny and very comforting to be around. Jeff will never let you down. As a student he possesses a great aptitude and eagerness towards learning and mastering any subject. While Jeff was attending my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training he consistently demonstrated a level of confidence and understanding that was on the level of any veteran teacher. As a manager, I experienced Jeff as being very attentive and mindful to those working hard to assist the needs of the teacher and creating a warm and welcoming environment for the students. He is the epitome of leading by example and his intentions are as pure as gold. What more can I say other than it gives me great pleasure to recommend and support Jeff in his future endeavors.

Shiva Rea
International Teacher's Teacher of Prana Vinyasa Flow and Trance Dance, Sacred Activist, and Author/Creator of over 30 DVDs/CDs who leads workshops, retreats and trainings worldwide.


The Sanctuary is remote, tranquil and at the same time the environment provides adventure, inspiration and renewal. Staying on the 40 acres of land offered a deep immersion into the healing gifts of nature, while we were nurtured by the exquisite food and care offered by the facilitators. The stay was transformative. Of all the places I’ve visited in Costa Rica the Sanctuary was the most special. There is no need to go elsewhere.

Terra Green Gold, D.O.M., L.Ac., CYT, E-RYT
Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritionist and Yoga Therapist
Co-Director, Loyola Marymount University's "Yoga and The Healing Sciences" Teacher Training Program


I have had the great pleasure to work with Jeff Gossett while he was manager of Sacred Movement Center for Yoga and Healing, the studio where I host my weekly classes and biannual teacher trainings in Venice, California. Throughout this time Jeff displayed a truly unique and compassionate approach to the business side of Yoga and he continuously rose above and beyond all expectations. His thoughtfulness and exemplary organizational skills were instrumental in drawing cohesion amongst all of the teachers within the school and was always in wonderfully good spirits while doing so. A rare find, Jeff not only has great business acumen but he fully embodies the true spirit of Yoga for which I highly recommend him in any position he is seeking to pursue.

Erich Schiffmann
International Renowned Yoga and Meditation Master, author of Yoga: the Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness, and creator of numerous yoga/meditation instructional videos and computer apps, he regularly teaches workshops and retreats throughout the U.S. and abroad.
Erich Schiffmnn, Moving Into Stillness


Had an extraordinary, life-changing week at the Sanctuary. Truly. This place is magical. Unbelievable food, incredible classes and adventures, perfect lodging, all in the most amazing location I've ever been to. I can't recommend it highly enough. Plan your trip - NOW. I, for one, am going back. Soon.

Peter Paige


Where do I start...A week at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers refreshed my heart, mind and body straight from my arrival. Being greeted by the beautiful luscious trees, singing birds, swinging monkeys and green oasis took my stressed out, vacation over due body into an immediate "sigh". I'd never done much yoga so was a bit nervous to turn into a pretzel for a week but Lynda's guidance, awareness and skill have turned me into weekly yoga seeker even now upon my return home. Jeff arriving like Tarzan in his "RHINO" car to drive us thru the jungle and river was hilarious! He was so helpful sorting our daily needs, providing us all with options for adventures and taking care of the details to make our stay effortless. The eco tree houses have a delightful experience of an outdoor shower that is so refreshing and fun! Falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle and waking up to the smell of dew and sunshine have me smiling now as I write this. The full moon with it's luminous light, painted such a pure picture leaving us all in awe many nights after yoga. Meal time soon became one of my favorite celebrations with stories of our daily adventures, outbursts of songs, and just the wonder of sharing your heart about the journey of life with others. The food is so well thought out and added to the "getting my equilibrium" back into place. Thank you Sanctuary at Two Rivers for reminding me what life is really about. I'll be back again. Definitely.

Sunnie Brook Jones
Hair and Make-Up Artist


My experience at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers on their EcoQuest Yoga and Surf Retreat was exceptional. It was my first time in Costa Rica and I did not know what to expect. Jeff, Lynda, Marcella, and Max were the best hosts and made me feel very comfortable as soon as I arrived on the premises. Very attentive, they were interested in what kind of experience I was looking for and made sure I always had everything I needed. Richard the surf teacher was very determined to get me up on those nice waves. He was fun to hang out with and shared some good stories. The ambiance is cool and relaxed, the food is delicious and healthy, and the facilities and vegetation made my stay most enjoyable. I will definitely come back for another retreat.”

Katia Samson, Montreal, Canada


The Sanctuary is a fantastic place for artists to pull inspiration from and focus on their inner creativeness. I know that was a huge selling point for me when I signed up for the retreat. I envisioned being at one with the environment and just being inspired to create new art... and it worked!

Tali Rachelle
Artist, Austin, Texas, USA


Throughout my worldly travels, I’ve appreciated both the luxury of five-star accommodations and the beauty of submerging myself fully into the local culture. Almost invariably there exists a separation between the two. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a rare exception. The luxurious guest houses, yoga pagoda and swimming pool are nestled deep in the natural beauty of the Costa Rican jungle, and cocooned on both sides by lavish rivers housing some of the most majestic waterfalls I’ve ever seen. The Sanctuary offers the best of both worlds. In addition to the exquisite accommodations, the staff couldn’t have been more generous, the vegetarian cuisine more delectable, or my time more blessed and rejuvenating. There’s something profound about practicing yoga while howler monkeys swing through the jungle right before your eyes. I will undoubtedly return.”

Ryan Scott Seaman
Bodyworker and Astrologer at Transformational Bodywork(SM) and Astrology


The Sanctuary is a profound place for healing. Being on the land, is like staring in your own version of Avatar. My experience was filled with nature, beauty and adventure. Not only was the staff super accommodating, they provided amazing service, delicious food and activities designed to re-connect you with your inner wild. Dancing in the jungle surrounded by wild animals under an illuminated sky of dynamic stars.

Jaycee Gossett
Dance Adventurer

Black Sheep Radio 
Peter Paige ~ Actor, Director, Producer, Writer
Abigail Spencer ~ Actress, Producer, Writer


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